Surf the Blue: Experience the NE Aegean Archipelagos


North East Meltemi: The breath of the Archipelagos‘ is an EU-funded Project within the framework of the European Programme ‘Nautical Routes for Europe’ (2017) of the Executive Agency for Small Medium-sized Enterprises, SMEs (EASME).

The European Union (EU) and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) invest in Nautical, Maritime, Coastal Tourism and Sports, in the sustainable development of nautical and coastal areas, and in the nautical and water/aqua culture and heritage,  through the funding of five (5) Projects with a total budget of 1,5 million Euro .

The Call

Call for Proposals – EASME/EMFF/2016/
Nautical Routes for Europe





How MELTEMI responds to the call and the EU policies:

MELTEMI is a Greek -Turkish partnership that creates  Sailing Itineraries focused on water sports (windsurf, kitesurf, SUP) and nautical tourism in the NE Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey.

The itineraries will have a strong aspect of “extra curriculum” activities around  maritime history and tradition, local cuisine and health and wellbeing.

MELTEMI’s products and services are “by design” eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

MELTEMI works closely with the local communities. MELTEMI  buys local, employs local  and brings together traditional craftsmen with travellers to get a real sense of the place.

The Idea & Vision

‘…why not equip, luxury, sailing catamaran yachts, and embark on a lifetime adventure in the NE Aegean Greek and Turkish coastline, to sail and surf around sacred monuments, ancient landmarks of civilization on waters sprinkled by history?’

and design

A unique, top quality, fully tailored made, premium tourism product that will combine 2 countries’ history, cultural heritage, gastronomy, communities, sailing, surfing and kiteboarding in the North Aegean Archipelagos, accessible to all.

for the promotion of shared nautical culture and heritage and for the enhancement of the Blue Growth, Tourism and Sustainability through the participation of the local community.

The Action

Surf the Blue: Experience the NE Aegean Archipelagos

MELTEMI  sets course to the NE Aegean, covering 420 nautical miles between Greece’s and Turkey’s islands and coastal areas, and developes nautical routes, combining water sport activities with nautical experiences full of nautical and aqua-culture, unique natural and water wealth, cultural traditions, eno-gastronomy, stories of the water world  and locals.

Meltemi is SMART & BLUE

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About Us

A triple partnership, comprised of two (2) Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs),  Surf Club Keros (GR) and  Progressive Board LTD (TR) and one (1) University School,  the School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR) collaborate  for their project  ‘ΝΕ MELTEMI, The breath of archipelagos’  and bring together two (2) continents (Europe and Asia) and two (2) countries (Greece and Turkey).

Meet the partners:

Surf Club Keros (GR)

Progressive Board LTD (TR)

School of Journalism and Mass Communications of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR)