The Nautical Routes

Route 1: Sailing the Mystery Islands

A three-day cruise to the islands of the Cabeirian Mysteries. 
In this nautical route, we follow the breeze of Meltemi and we sail to the Mystery Islands of the Northeastern Aegean. These four islands –Samothraki (Greece), Gökçeada/Imbros (Turkey), Bozcaada/Tenedos (Turkey) and Lemnos (Greece) – formed the religious core of the most obscure mysteries of antiquity, the Cabeirian Mysteries. 
The Cabeiri were cryptic ancient gods of pre-Greek origin who were associated with chthonic mysteries and considered protectors of the navigators. They were being venerated in Lemnos, Samothraki, Imbros and maybe also Tenedos. These are the Mystery Islands of the northeastern Aegean that we are going to explore in our three-day cruise. Ancient ruins, mystical cults, natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty and of course water sports, constitute some of the major characteristics of this nautical route. We will be departing from Surf Club Keros in the island of Lemnos and sail to our first stop, the mysterious Samothraki.

Route 2: Sailing with the Ghosts of the Great War

Three-day cruise to the Battlefields, Cemeteries and Memorials of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli.
More than a century ago, a terrible battle, one of the bloodiest of the Great War, shook the northeastern Aegean. A sea that was connecting people, cultures, ideas and religions became the theater of conflicting armies, battleships, airplanes and submarines. Thousands of young men from England to Asia and from Africa to the Ottoman Empire lost their lives and youth in the rocky shores of the Dardanelles.We sail for a three-day cruise to the Battlefields, Cemeteries and Memorials of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli.

Route 3: Surfing among poets, pirates, amazons and philosophers

A five-day cruise to Myrina, Agios Efstratios, Mithymna, Assos and Babakale.
We sail from the capital of Lemnos, Myrina located in the western part of the island. As we are being disconnected from the world we are exploring the most isolated island of the Aegean, Agios Efstratios. A place once housed political prisoners nowadays became one of the “greenest” islands of Greece. We are meeting Arion, an ancient poet who was kidnapped by pirates… while following his footsteps we are approaching Mithymna. We are leaving behind Lesbos and we discover one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Turkey, Assos. On our way back to Keros Surf Club we are passing by one of the most symbolic places of the world, Cape Baba near the village of Babakale, the westernmost point of vast Asia, the locus where one continent ends and Europe is beginning.

Route 4: An olive branch connecting the two sides of the Aegean

Five-day cruise to Sigri, Eresos, Kalloni, Mytilene, Ayvalık and Alibey/Cunda Adası.
In this trip we have the chance to explore the third largest island of Greece, Lesbos. Starting from Sigri we are wandering between ottoman castles, romantic lighthouses and we are visiting the unique in the broader area museum dedicated to the petrified forest of Lesbos. We are meeting Sappho, a woman who became a symbol of independence and feminism in the past decades and continues to inspire millions of women worldwide. Local cuisine and gastronomy have a prominent place during our visit to Kalloni, where we taste the delicious sardines which are the best of Greece. In the capital of Lesbos, Mytilene we are visiting the museums and galleries of the island and we are discovering its multicultural past. Heading for Turkey and the coast of Asia Minor we are getting lost in the narrow streets of Ayvalik, one of the most picturesque towns of Turkey and we are sailing among the twenty two islands of the its nearby archipelago.

Route 5: Disconnected from the World…Exploring the tiny islets of the NE Aegean Archipelago

Seven-day cruise to Antipsara, Psara, Kardamyla, Oinousses, Pasas and the islets of the Karaburun Peninsula.
Tiny islands full of great stories, shelters of pirates and sailors shining like precious stones under the Aegean Sun. This route offers a unique experience…disconnection from the world. We are leaving behind the world as we know it and we sail to unexplored destinations. Some of the islands are uninhabited, some other managed to maintain a peaceful and serene way of living in our shifting time. Forget your internet connection and turn off your mobile phones for some days. This trip is about euphoria and exploration, reconciliation with nature and admiration of unspoiled landscapes. Let our quest for tranquility begin…

Route 6: Across medieval villages and big cities. Linking the two sides of the Aegean

Twelve-day cruise to Limnia, Volissos, Mastichochoria, Chios Town, Çeşme, Alaçatı, Uzunada, İzmir.
In this quest, we are exploring unchanged by time medieval villages and modern big cities that dominate the Aegean coast from both sides. From an idyllic valley covered with mastic trees, we are being transferred to a busy metropolis with a population of millions. It seems contradictory but this unique feeling of shifting, perpetual movement and continuous change is the main characteristic of our permanent companion and guide, the Meltemi wind.