The Action

Surf the Blue: Experience the NE Aegean Archipelagos

MELTEMI  sets course to the NE Aegean, covering 420 nautical miles between Greece’s and Turkey’s islands and coastal areas, and developes nautical routes, combining water sport activities with nautical experiences full of nautical and aqua-culture, unique natural and water wealth, cultural traditions, eno-gastronomy, stories of the water world  and locals.

Meltemi is SMART & BLUE

Meltemi connects two continents, two countries, 11 Islands, Islets and seashore.

The starting point for MELTEMI’s routes of the 420 Nm and the Aegean Meltemi is located at the heart of a Natura 2000 protected area on Limnos Island (GR) and Surf Club Keros spot.

Duration of the Project:  18 Months (1/12/2018-31/5/2019)


Expected Results:

Captain’s Log: Navigation tool: routes, sailing times, prevailing weather conditions, available anchorages & harbours, logistics and of course spots for windsurf, kitesurf, diving, snorkeling, fishing.

NE Meltemi – Explorer’s Companion: full, adaptable narrative of best nautical, historical, cultural, natural attractions by travel journalists, historians and environmentalists.

Sailing ahead – A long term strategy: A comprehensive 3-5-year strategy.

Permission to come aboard – Product Validation: methodology and tools to validate the product.

Spread the word – Communication & Promotion Toolkit: text, photos, videos, social media campaigns, mobile apps, online games, visuals.

Channel 16 – Communication and cooperation across the value chain

The Outputs of NE MELTEMI project