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Towards sustainable nautical tourism – exploring transmedia storytelling

This chapter explores transmedia storytelling in an attempt to contribute to the conceptualisation and definition of nautical tourism. The study employs a quantitative approach for the analysis of transmedia representations of nautical tourism and identifies the variables involved in the nautical tourism experience. The results demonstrate the need for re-defining nautical tourism in a sustainable and anthropocentric way. The inclusion of smaller scale practices, the onshore/coastal activities and the local human, cultural and natural environment seem to shape the nautical tourism ‘experiencescape’ that is presented and distributed online through multiple channels, digital travel communities and social media networks.


Galatsopoulou, F., Kenterelidou C. (2020) ‘Towards sustainable nautical tourism – exploring transmedia storytelling’, in Månsson, M. (Ed.), Buchmann, A. (Ed.), Cassinger, C. (Ed.), Eskilsson, L. (Ed.). (2020). The Routledge Companion to Media and Tourism. London: Routledge,

This study was part of the research conducted for the EU-funded Project: ‘North East Meltemi: The breath of the Archipelago’ in the framework of the European Programme ‘Nautical Routes for Europe’ (EASME/EMFF/2016/

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This year, the focus is on boosting a BLUE ECONOMY, and the sustainable use of ocean resources for blue growth. The European Commission launched the second edition of its Blue Economy Report. Read here…

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The ‘PERSPECTIVE’ is the focal concept and notion for the TEDx AUTH this year. Meltemi’s Partners approach the ‘GREEN‘ &’BLUE‘ environment in a sustainable perspective. Let’s broaden our horizons and open new ways in thinking. Let’s find ways to protect the ‘GREEN‘ &’BLUE‘ environment. Let’s be part of the solution, for green and blue growth, for sustainable living and well-being.

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Meltemi at the INTED 2019

Meltemi participates at the INTED 2019 Conference in Valencia, in Spain and presents the successful University-Business Collaboration of the MELTEMI EU-funded PROJECT as a case study for blue growth and sustainable tourism development.

Full paper of the presentation:
Galatsopoulou, F., Kenterelidou, C., (2019) University-Business Collaboration on research, training and communication for Blue Growth and Sustainable Tourism, in the framework of the EU-funded Project ‘NE MELTEMI: THE BREATH OF ARCHIPELAGOS’, INTED2019 Proceedings ISBN:978-84-09-08619-1