Meet surfclubkeros


Surf Club Keros was established on Limnos island, in NE Aegean Sea in 2008.  Since then more than 1500 people of all ages (including people with disabilities) learned how to ride a surf, a windsurf or a kitesurf. The club is located in one of the most diverse and beautiful islands in Greece, in the middle of a protected by NATURA 2000 area.

Operating in a protected area, conservation and environmental sustainability is embedded in our principles “by design” and the smallest environmental footprint possible was and is always our necessary priority.

In 2011, SURF CLUB KEROS Lodge & Spa, opened its gates offering 5-star luxurious accommodation in exclusive tents, making it the first “Glamping” camp in Greece.

Since then, SURF CLUB KEROS has not stop to bring unique, top quality and innovative tourism products and initiatives in water sports and coastal maritime sector. To name but a few:

  • Girls on Board Kitesurfing Camps: A specially designed girl-oriented Kitesurfing camps (3 – 5 camps and surf travels per year).
  • IKO Instructor Courses: For experienced surfers who would like to seek a new career in water sports (2 courses per year).
  • KEROS for All: The first European Active Holiday Resort fully accessible and friendly for individuals with physical disabilities (2 camps per year).
  • Surfing Birds Kids Camp: for kids & teens 8-18 that want to experience the thrill of surfing in perfect weather and safety conditions (3-4 camps per year).
  • Pro Windsurfing ClInics: with World’s top surfers
  • All Sports: Although designed by and with surfers in mind, in KEROS nobody is left behind. A vast range of activities from yoga classes, Stand-Up Paddling (SUP), mountain bike, trail running, snorkelling, distance swimming, enjoyed with our guides.
  • Extra Curriculum: Cultural visits to explore the long history of the island since the antiquities, trips to local wineries, cheese making workshop and a family bakery, discussion with a traditional bee keeper, island tours, Birdwatching and of course Yoga.