Meet Progressive






Progressive Board Ltd. was established in 2008 to run a kitesurf school in Alaçatı on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The company’s founding partners had extensive experience of international business and of living and working in Turkey. Their vision was to create a truly international standard kitesurf company in Turkey. The company’s school operations expanded over the next 3 years to include 4 kitesurf centres in the Turkey’s top kitesurf locations of Istanbul, Urla and Gökova, in addition to the original centre in Alaçatı.

In 2010 Progressive Board Ltd won a grant from the Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) to develop and market its kitesurf centre in Urla. In addition to kitesurf courses, the company also organises hotel accommodation, transfers and activities for its clients.

Progressive Board’s experience is not limited to Turkey. The company has also organised kitesurf and windsurf workshops and holidays for their clients in Kenya, Egypt and Morocco. The company’s brand, Kite-Turkey, has become one of the most established and best known brands in the Turkish kitesurf sector. It is ranked no.1 for most Google searches related to kitesurfing in Turkey.

Since 2009, Progressive Board Ltd has been the official Turkish national distributor for North Kiteboarding and ION, two of the world’s leading kitesurf, windsurf and water sports equipment brands.