Meet AUTh SJMC team

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest Higher Education Institution in Greece and Southeastern Europe, with 13 faculties and a total of 42 departments and 4 independent Schools.

In MELTEMI AUTh participates as a partner through School of Journalism and Mass Communications (SJMC), which is active in a wide range of research disciplines related to cultural and travel communication, journalism and audience development, management, mediated communication, new media technology and high definition broadcasting.

A multidisciplinary group of experts in history, environment, communication, education and media technologies will co-create a new sustainable touristic product in a transnational consortium and will contribute to the Blue Growth in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The AUTh Team:

  Dr George Kalliris, Scientific Coordinator, Head of the Electronic Media Lab at the SJMC.  Associate Professor specialized in audio and audiovisual techniques and technologies for radio and television production, broadcasting and webcasting

  Dr Clio Kenterelidou, Communication WorkPackage (WP) Coordinator, Economist/Communications Specialist, Senior Teaching Fellow and Instructor/ Public Communication

  Dr Fani Galatsopoulou,  Field Study and Training WP Coordinator, Education Specialist/ Senior Teaching Fellow and Instructor/ Education and digital media in Travel and Tourism

   Dr Maria Matsiola, Senior Researcher, Senior Teaching Fellow and Instructor in the Electronic Media Laboratory/ New Media technologies, Web Radio and TV, audiovisual content management, audiovisual application systems in distance education

     Dr Antonis Skamnakis, Senior Researcher, Journalist, Assistant Professor/ Environmental Journalism

  Dr Dimitris Livanios,  Senior Researcher, Historian/ Assistant Professor of Modern and European History

  Lambrini Argyropoulou,  Researcher, public communications specialist

  Elissavet Touli Researcher, creative specialist

  Anastasios Papadopoulos, Researcher, historian/archeologist and licensed tour guide

1 electronic media specialist, Researcher

1 Junior Researcher for Technical Support (university student, School of Electrical and Computer Engineer)

Junior Researchers’ Team (periodically active): 10 university students and alumnus as researchers, social media curators,  and content editors.