The Aegean Meltemi App

Play our game, challenge yourself with the Aegean Meltemi Quiz and become a MELTEMI AMBASSADOR!

Be part of the promotion of shared nautical culture and heritage and be an ambassador for sustainable travelling. Become familiar with the Northeast Aegean Archipelago, visit Greek and Turkish travel destinations and spots that will offer you lots of nautical experiences. How? Play our game, learn more about our Nautical Routes in the Northeast Aegean Archipelagos and join us to surf the Blue!

This app is funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union (EMFF/EASME) within the framework of the European Programme ‘Nautical Routes for Europe’ and the project ‘MELTEMI’

Meltemi at the EMD2019

This year, the focus is on boosting a BLUE ECONOMY, and the sustainable use of ocean resources for blue growth. The European Commission launched the second edition of its Blue Economy Report. Read here…